Situated in Dubai -

Dubai is the business hub of the Western Asia and one of the world's fastest growing economies in the world. This helps us produce cutting-edge, high quality industrial fasteners that can e shipped internationally.

Over 10,000 types of fasteners -

Our products consist of thousands of different types of industrial fasteners which include - Anchor bolts, Stud bolts. Threaded rods, U Bolts, Dowel bars and many more.

Immediate Quote -

When you provide your requirements to us and order some of the best industrial fasteners Dubai has to offer, you'll get an immediate quote with 100% transparency, ending in a hassle-free transaction process.

Quick Delivery -

When we promise quick delivery, we make sure that it happens - nationally as well internationally.

Genuine Products -

Classic Star Building Materials LLC. is a name associated with genuine products which are high quality, durable, and in accordance with industry standards.